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Hi, I’m Sonia Petersen

“My work is about helping you find inner harmony mentally, emotionally and physically, the empowerment to flourish into your career and  life’s vision and to reap and enjoy the rewards of  your success

Feeling Stressed? Try this..

Today in my blog, I wanted to share something really personal with you and it’s about a time in my life when I was really stressed and overwhelmed. I am sharing this with you today as a message and reminder that if you are experiencing stress, overwhelm,...

Hello Beautiful, I hope you’re are doing really well and I trust that you had some down time over the Christmas and New Year break. I had a wonderful break over Christmas and now I am back into the groove of it all. I  took the time to hang out with my family, I...

How to deal with and clear anxiety

“Life is truly a manifestation of where we invest our energy” Dandapani – Hindu Priest, International Speaker, Entrepreneur  For many years Hindu Priests and Monks have been reciting  mantras and chants.  I recently learnt that they use beads to what...