Hello Beautiful,

I hope you’re are doing really well and I trust that you had some down time over the Christmas and New Year break.

I had a wonderful break over Christmas and now I am back into the groove of it all.

I  took the time to hang out with my family, I enjoyed spontaneous beach swims and over eating on all the delish traditional Italian dishes my mama would whip up!

I completely switched off and as I said good bye and thanks to 2018, I welcomed 2019 with love and excitement in the air.

There’s something about the energy of welcoming a New Year, it’s filled with hope and possibility.

At the start of the New Year,  I have a little ritual  that I do and it goes something like this; I find a quiet place, I light a candle and pour peppermint oil into my diffuser, I then take a deep breath and I start to talk to myself out loud – Yep like a crazy person, but it feels so good, try it sometime! 🙂

I ask myself these 3 questions;

“What didn’t make me feel good last year?” – Try something different 
“What worked for me last year?”  – Keep doing that!
“What made me feel good?” – Do more of that 

I remind myself that whatever and whomever I didn’t feel good about holds a beautiful lesson, which is to forgive and move on to allow my personal growth to prosper.

I also remind myself that this includes people who no longer serve me, who’s intentions aren’t loving toward me, I release them with love which welcomes a new person with new energy that is supportive, serving and allows growth.

Funny story, when I was writing this post a few days ago, I took a break and went outside in the garden to sit with my hubby.

While we were admiring our gorgeous pink and edible berries on our Lilly Pilly  trees, my hubby turned to me and said “See the trees with the berries are smaller than the ones without because the smaller ones invested all their energy into bearing the fruit”.

This me got thinking even deeper about  how we invest our energy and the analogy of the Lilly Pilly tree.

I often coach clients on how important it is to think about where they are applying their energy, what is really important to them  and what  they value most in their life.

Sometimes,  we can get bodged down on trivial matters and forget the importance of what we value most.

In these moments,  if we actually stopped and thought about who, what and where we were investing our energy,  we change the thought process and direct our energy toward investing into something of worth and just like the Lilly Pilly trees,  we would enjoy the fruits of our labour and cash in on that harvest which in turn is our investment.

Shifting our energy is all about changing the mind-set and it’s where we  choose to  invest our time, physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

Think about where stagnate energies manifest into unnecessary drama or anxiety in your life, it could be simply sweating on that dude that never rang you back after your date, or hanging around people who are negative and don’t lift you up,  or staying in a job you despise where you talents are wasted.

‘Think about  all this time, effort and energy you are applying to something that does not serve you’.

I often create mantras or positive affirmations if you like, that help settle my negative self-talk and keep me focused on who, what and where I want to invest my energy.

When you recite positive affirmations it changes the energy flow within your subconscious and nervous system which gets you thinking with clarity and more logically about situations.

Today, I’ll leave you with this affirmation;

“I am deserving of investing my energy wisely”.

Have a great week beautiful..

With love 
Sonia Petersen xx