Moving into 2020 for me was exciting, scary and all that in between. Most likely just like you, I had a list of ‘to do’  and  ‘goals’  I want to achieve so much and felt that there was already little time.

As the New Year began,  I couldn’t shift this feeling of overwhelm – something was niggling, something didn’t feel quite right or aligned.

So , I paused. I paused projects that I had been planning since August 2019, these were BIG projects and these projects came with allot of work and involved allot of people.

When I worked on these projects though,  I found myself starting to feel anxious and a gut twist and then I reminded myself to ‘surrender’ that if something doesn’t feel right why force it? Why push myself? What am I proving and to whom? No one cares what I accomplish, its my own responsibility to feel proud of my work and creation and I can’t let my ego get in the way of my creativity.

If you are like me and already have changed your 2020 goals, who cares?! It’s perfectly fine to change  the goal post, focus on being whole and have an open heart because nothing fun and creative comes from overwhelm.

Finally, after a year long project what did feel good, aligned and creative was releasing ‘The Executive Women’s Wellness Society Podcast Show’.

The first episode will be released on the 29 January and please stay tuned to hear my first guest talk about ‘Love and how to have rock solid relationships’.

Stay healthy and beautiful.
Sonia xoxo