Yesterday while I was on the train coming back from a business workshop I had a A-HA moment. You see when I started my coaching business, I was excited beyond belief, scared of success but mostly scared of failing. I knew I had finally after several years of searching found my passion to coach women who are feeling stressed, overwhelm and dealing with heartbreak.

I reached out and networked my butt off to immerse myself in the Wellness industry. I turned to anyone and everyone who I thought could give me the golden advice or strategies for running a successful business. I attended course after course and while they were all very useful, I always found one thing that popped up for me and that was “I know this stuff, so why do I keep turning to people that are basically giving me advice I already know?!”

So what I will share with you is my limiting belief which was  “I don’t know enough yet, am I doing this right? I don’t know if I can do this?” and because I had this limiting belief about myself I attracted people who reinforced that limiting belief.

I had experienced and senior people saying to me “You know this is a competitive industry?!”, “everyone is doing wellness stuff now!” or this one was my favourite “You will always have to work your fulltime corporate job, you won’t be able to get out” WOW, how limiting is that belief and who’s belief was it anyway?! Was it mine? or was it them projecting their limiting beliefs onto me?!

So, I decided to break that limiting belief by simply trusting my subconscious mind that I was in divine timing with the universe, to preserve my lesson learnt and have complete trust in myself and my journey ahead.

That limiting belief limited me even more, I turned to so many other people when the answers were always sitting in my heart and my subconscious.  Today, I trust myself more than ever and that is because I implement my own strategies in business that are working, I am helping dozens of women who are transforming their life for the better and today, I don’t believe I will fail, I believe I am already successful and I am the only one that needs to believe it no one else.

Remember, if you want something go for it, even if others around you won’t support you or follow because your destiny is waiting for you and your choices resemble your life’s experience and your happiness – don’t fall victim to yours or other people’s limiting beliefs and don’t allow others to project their insecurities onto you because why should their limitations limit you!

Keep Healthy and Happy

Sonia xx