Something I have been working through personally lately is learning how to find ‘silence’ and ‘stillness’ in my everyday routine.

Like many of you, I am juggling many balls in the air and from time to time find myself lacking energy or stamina to keep up with work + family + friends.

The difference now is that years ago I would have pushed to burn out, I would have ignored the whispers of my body and those alarm bells.

These days – YES  I am still trying to master the ‘Sound of Silence’ and quietening the mind,  but I find showing myself some compassion and being  more self-aware then I was ever before has really aided my journey till now.

Being self-aware is about honouring your body when she says ‘slow down’, it’s ok to cancel commitments if you don’t have the energy, stamina  or time without feeling guilty or obligated and it’s ok to have that sleep in, or that rest on the couch if your body is craving it..

Today try and slow down in every way – Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually, take deep breaths, let go of that cycle of negative thoughts and breathe in love for yourself because every negative emotion you feel is temporary and it has an expiry date.

These negative  emotions teach you valuable lessons and serve purpose in your life, it helps you grow deeper and strengthens your values but you must let them go in order to learn your life lessons and heal.

Today,  let’s do a 3 minute check in with yourself – sit in silence for a few minutes, be still physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually just for a few moments.

Check in with yourself and fill your cup to the brim, watch your beautiful self unfold and become more productive with what your soul purpose is here to fulfil.

While I have you, this is just a friendly reminder to Save the Date for the Women’s Wellness Networking Breakfast on the 19 Oct 2018 in Sydney.

We have an incredible line up of experts that are super excited to share their knowledge with you on how to be well and elevate your health.

We will be chatting about how to quit self-sabotaging and break limiting beliefs on our Health + Wealth + Love + Soul.

Tickets will go on sale 3rd Sept via Eventbrite, but don’t worry I’ll send you a reminder to take advantage of the early bird tickets..

Hope to see you there!

With love 
Sonia Petersen xx