Are you a ‘People Pleaser’?

 Yesterday at the Executive Women’s Wellness Networking breakie, the panel and I (Sam Brown, CEO – Munster Kids & Angela Emmerton – Founder of Nutritional Matters) spoke on real women’s health issues that are affecting us all today.

One common denominator across the topics of discussion  was ‘People Pleasing’ and how  easily people  sercombe to pleasing others.

 Let’s face it from time to time we can all be guilty of ‘People Pleasing’ but what we don’t notice is how it can critically impact our physical, emotional, mental, energetic and environmental health.

Some examples were drinking alcohol when we don’t really even want to but have that drink to not upset the host or group their with, then there are times when we say yes to an event  when we really want to say no, we say yes to that extra work load but are really ready to explode inside from burnout and stress.

 Why do we do this?  It’s because we are conditioned to not want to FAIL because if we were to fail people would judge us and in turn that would make us feel not GOOD ENOUGH! 

 Everyday we have society pressures of meeting  expectations of our boss, our partner, family and friends, acquaintances and so forth – but we never seem to  put our own needs first and fill our own expectations.

  I reminded the audience yesterday that  It’s not selfish to look after yourself, its not selfish to say no to that drink, that event or that workload  that doesn’t serve you. Think of it as standing in your personal power and being true to yourself now that is sexy!

It’s time to take back your personal power, it’s time to start with gentle no’s, it’s time to let go of fear of being judged and start to feel success, its time to start saying “I am good enough and to hell with what other people and their judgements are of me”

 You are responsible for your thoughts that leads to dictate your health, what will it take to honour your body and your health?!