I have been really quite over the last few weeks and you may have realised I haven’t been sending out emails as frequently and the reason for this is because my hubby and I are building a new house and I have been working on some major projects.


For all those people who have renovated or built before I know you understand me – ha! It’s the most exciting and frightening time and trying to juggle working fulltime and then going home to work on the house and so forth has been tiresome.


Given all this activity, I have had to really be selective of where and what tasks I applied my energy too. Recently, I could feel and see myself getting caught in the little traps of doing too much and never feeling like it’s ever enough, so I pushed myself harder.


But, I had to stop myself in my tracks a few weeks ago because I know the signs of burnout and this time instead of ignoring my mind and body’s whispers, I made a decision to consciously choose where I was going to apply my energy into the next few months.


I had to ask myself, would my energy be needed in my marriage? my house? my work? my family and friends?! Now, I thought I could apply my energy to all these components of my life and some more but let’s be realistic, if I were to apply all my energy to all these components of my life at the same time, I’d be skimming the surfaces and not really devoting the energy or time those things in my life deserve or I could suffer a major burnout.

So I decided to let go of the guilt’s of putting work on hold, not being there as much for my friends  and turn my attention to my family and home where my love and energy was needed most.


Now I am not saying that all components of my life have to suffer, but I’ve had to show some more favouritism between them which is ok and it happens. It’s about being selective of where you apply energy and that will always change and evolve.


As a woman the juggle and struggle is real and we do play the wonder woman role in our lives, but when did we decide to be this super/wonder woman?!

This topic got me thinking about all the guilt’s, worry and stress when did I decide to be ‘Wonder Woman’ and have all these mystical and magical powers I was supposed to have. I put such great expectations on myself that I only let myself down and I couldn’t deliver and apply the energy to my long list of tasks.


So, if you have been like me lately thinking you can do it all and service every part of your life perfectly with no flaws and realise that’s not realistic, I invite you to let go of something this day, week, or month that can wait. Let go of  what no  longer serves you, turn your attention to where you are needed and valued most, where you know your energy is productive and where it fulfils your life – wherever that may be for you.


When you’re conflicted, overwhelmed or overcommitted, the best thing you can ask yourself is “Does this serve me?” and “Am I being authentic to myself by applying my energy to this?”.


In Brene Brown’s book, ‘The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go Of Who You Think You’re Supposed To Be and Embrace Who You Are’ Brene talks about the gift of being truly authentic to yourself and even though choosing to always trust yourself comes with taking risks of being vulnerable and judged by others, the reward of loving, trusting and being authentic to yourself and needs will always win. Brene says “Sacrificing who we are for the sake of what other people think just isn’t worth it. Yes, there can be authenticity growing pains for the people around us, but in the end, being true to ourselves is the best gift we can give the people we love.


What does authenticity and trust mean to you? In order to step fully into your own power and handle your energy where its well-deserved, it’s taking a look under the surface by getting to know the real you and allowing yourself to be completely be vulnerable to your real needs by facing your personal doubts, letting go of internal judgement and silencing the chatterbox.


When you have a high sense of self you are;

  • Apply your energy and are productive about the results
  • Authentic by serving your ‘WHY’- your purpose in life
  • Allow your energy of time and mind to be scared to you
  • Build your self-esteem and start by expressing yourself however you choose
  • Start listening to that voice inside you that knows what you need and take the chance
  • Loving and respecting of yourself and people around you, leading to deeper and meaningful connections with those you love
  • Free from shame, guilt and judgement from yourself and others
  • Deeply more connected with your emotions, are self-aware of vulnerabilities and can control those feelings with calm and ease
  • Healthy, your immune system is kept happy and you stop emotionally eating, you become more aware of your body and its movement
  • True to your own wants and needs
  • You are free of judgements and critics of yourself and others
  • Simply trust yourself and that you are exactly where you need to be exactly at that time, for all the right reasons.

Stay happy and healthy and remember to always let go of what no longer serves you!



Sonia x