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5 Must Do’s to Manage Depression & Anxiety

“If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.” – Lao Tzu – Often, I am asked by my clients what they can do to improve their wellbeing and help heal their depression and anxiety. Here are my thoughts

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Are you People Pleasing?

Are you a ‘People Pleaser’?  Yesterday at the Executive Women’s Wellness Networking breakie, the panel and I (Sam Brown, CEO – Munster Kids & Angela Emmerton – Founder of Nutritional Matters) spoke on real women’s health issues that are affecting us all today. One common denominator across the topics of discussion  was ‘People Pleasing’ and how  easily people  sercombe to

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Join me in this FREE 3 part series of BREAKING THE LIMITS IN YOUR LOVE + BODY & MONEY Are you ready to break limitations to be the best version of you? Let go of self- doubt, that niggling feeling of not feeling good enough, step into your personal power and get your confidence back and BREAK all those limiting

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Feeling Stressed? Try this..

Today in my blog, I wanted to share something really personal with you and it’s about a time in my life when I was really stressed and overwhelmed. I am sharing this with you today as a message and reminder that if you are experiencing stress, overwhelm, exhaustion or close to burn out, I trust that you will continue to read,

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Hello Beautiful, I hope you’re are doing really well and I trust that you had some down time over the Christmas and New Year break. I had a wonderful break over Christmas and now I am back into the groove of it all. I  took the time to hang out with my family, I enjoyed spontaneous beach swims and over

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How to deal with and clear anxiety

“Life is truly a manifestation of where we invest our energy” Dandapani – Hindu Priest, International Speaker, Entrepreneur  For many years Hindu Priests and Monks have been reciting  mantras and chants.  I recently learnt that they use beads to what I always thought were prayer beads to recite these mantras. The mantras are repeated 108 times in a day, the

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Let Go of What No Longer Serves You

  Hi Beautiful, I love you, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me Thank you.’ Ho’Oponopono Prayer Let go of… the should’s Let go of…the stress Let go of.. the expectations of yourself Let go of … the expectations of others Let go of …the fear Let go of …the sadness Let go of …the anger Let go of …the hurt Let go

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How to Find Clarity & Elevate Your Wellbeing

You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, BUT you are worthy of love and belonging Dr. Brene Brown   Maybe you’re feeling stuck in your job… Maybe your career isn’t where you dreamed of it to be… Maybe your bank account isn’t as rich as you’d hoped… Maybe you feel stuck in your romantic relationship … Maybe your body

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Are you craving the Sound of Silence?

Something I have been working through personally lately is learning how to find ‘silence’ and ‘stillness’ in my everyday routine. Like many of you, I am juggling many balls in the air and from time to time find myself lacking energy or stamina to keep up with work + family + friends. The difference now is that years ago I

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Shift Your Mindset, Heal Your Body

Hey Beautiful, We all want to feel happy in our lives but often life gets in the way. We get side tracked with the journey of  daily tasks that can hijack our life’s purpose and sometimes our  happiness. What can we do to cultivate happiness? It’s actually very simple, our thoughts whether positive or negative they are creating our sadness

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