I was inspired to right today’s post based Limiting beliefs and decisions and how they can affect every inch for our lives.

This post was written for you beautiful, for all those times you  allow limiting beliefs and limiting decisions to rule your life, I remind you that you are worthy of great Love, Health & Wealth and you are allowed and can  to ‘have it all’!

You see, limiting beliefs work like this, every decision we make drops into our timeline of life and into our subconscious mind.

When we decide to believe something, those beliefs run deep into the core of our nervous system and  our subconscious programming and as we choose to have limiting beliefs and make decisions in our life that energy can flow over into our money, into our love and reflect on the health of our body.

When we have thoughts, as an example “I can’t earn enough money” or “I am not good enough” or “I hate my body” we decide to believe what is not true about ourselves and then those beliefs are carried out into the rest of our lives which can cause destructive behavioural patterns like self-sabotage.

I remind myself in Money

When I hate on myself because my career isn’t where I envisaged it to be, I breathe deep and remind myself that my work will flourish and be fruitful – now and always!

When I tell myself, I can’t make the money I want in my business, I remind myself that my work is a beautiful piece of energy and  I created it with love – now and always!

When I feel that I am not financially stable, I remind myself to release any shame, ego or guilt associated with earning money and that I am worthy –  now and always!

When I worry about my finances, I remind myself that there is no time for fear, I trust myself that I can make my money work  – now and always!  

I remind myself in Love

When I self-hate, I remind myself that there are no bad decisions or mistakes, just valuable lessons – now and always!

When it comes to matters of the heart, my lover can test me, I am bruised and hurt, I remind myself that this aching will pass because I choose to forgive and release the toxins from my mind, body and soul and I choose love…now and always!

When I am let down by family or friends, I remind myself that I shouldn’t have way high expectations of them, they are doing the best they can with the resources that have been taught and shown – now and always!

I remind myself in Body When I criticise myself for being too fat, too skinny, too short, too tall, big boobs, no boobs, I remind myself to be thankful that my body is healthy and allows me to do the things I do – now and always!

When I complain and feel aches and pains in my body, I stop and listen to her whispers because she knows me and unconditionally loves me love – now and always!

I hope this was a reminder for you worthy you are of all great things!

Also while you’re here, I wanted to share an exciting announcement that the Executive Women’s Wellness Society presents; Come along and enjoy this beautiful and very intimate evening at Perfect Potions, QVB Sydney Store whereby you’ll have an opportunity to enjoy their products of sensual oil blends, potions and their organic range of products.

As we talk wellness, there’ll be music, herbal teas, giveaways of 1:1 coaching sessions, a chance to win Perfect Potions very generous door prize along with walking away with your own little goodie sample.

Perfect Potions aromatherapists will enjoy spending some time with you to create your own perfect blend if you wish.   We’ll end the night with a fun and relaxing meditation, which will help you find clarity in your life and help change your mindset from negative self-talk to empowerment of positive thoughts.

Hope to see you there.. Until then stay happy + healthy..

Love Sonia XO