“Your thoughts create your intentions and your
intentions create your reality”
Dr. Wayne Dwyer

Hi Beautiful,
I hope you have had a great week.

This week I would love to share with you what many of my clients have been experiencing which is limiting beliefs and blocks in their money, love and body.

I guess I opened up the conversation with people after running my workshops on ‘Breaking the Limits in your Money, Love + Body’ at the beginning of the year.  You can view all the fun here https://soniapetersen.com.au/events

So I thought this would be a great series to run on;

Breaking the Limits in your Money, Love + Body
Part 1 of 3

Here’s what limiting beliefs sound like;

 In Money

“I can’t afford it”
“My business doesn’t make enough money/ I can’t find clients”
“My job doesn’t pay enough”

In Love

With yourself – “I am not good enough”
Romantically –   “Why can’t I find the right guy/girl?”
With Others –   “I can’t trust people”

In Body   

“I hate my body, I hate my thighs – Why can’t I be thinner, prettier, smarter”

Does this self-talk sound familiar to you?  Are you using these limiting words in your vocab to yourself, family, friends?  Or perhaps you know someone like this, perhaps they drain your energy around these subjects as well.

It’s all about  mindset, are you choosing to be at the Cause of the problem or do  you want to be at the Effect of what greatness your life can bring.

Take a moment to think about limiting beliefs, they are negative thoughts and words and they have a major impact on your four bodies mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Your words and thoughts create your life, they can be limiting or inspiring, they can  effect your body’s life force,  energy and can either strengthen or weaken the immune system.

Words travel through our body, they vibrate, they embed themselves in our timeline,  our nervous system,  we then project out to other people our emotions and then share it with the universes energetic field – wow! There only words right? …not! 

Remember that your self-talk is everything. Everyday we can choose how to feel, to change the way we think and if we make our life a success or not.

Remind yourself that;

“I allow an abundance of energy to be present in my money, my love,
my body now and always”

“I am deserving and worthy love, now and always”

“I am good enough, I deeply love and respect myself, now and always”

I hope you enjoy Part 1 to Breaking the Limits in your Money, Love + Body

 Watch Breaking the Limits in your Money here

Love Sonia xo