Hi Beautiful,

I hope you have had a great start to the year.

You my have noticed I have been a bit quiet on social media over the last 8 weeks or so and the reason is my hubby and I are in the process of building our house as owner builders.

If you have ever built or renovated before, you will understand the mixed emotions of the stress, exhaustion, excitement and utter joy building can bring you and  particularly if you have built over the busy  Christmas period as  I have.

And yes, I had watched the block unfortunately it’s not as glamourous  as they showed it on the teley – Ha

But all this excitement and overwhelm has taught me a fabulous lesson and that is I had to be real about ‘Having it all’ and in order for me to achieve one of my life major goals (which was to build my home of course) I had  to release the guilt of feeling like I was letting my other goals and dreams down by not investing the time and energy into them.

I had to accept that my work goals and expectations  may not have been where I had hoped or that  my social life was suffering as my attention, time and energy was drawn all toward  the house build.

As women we play so many roles, we have endless agendas and a long to do list amongst this we have our own dreams, goals and desires.  But what happens when we try to do too much? We can become overwhelmed, we lose focus of what we want,  time slips away from us and before we know it we are standing at a Christmas party  having that cliché  conversation of “Where did the year go?!”

Given we are moving into the New Year and allot of my clients have spoken of  their New Years resolutions ,  I really wanted to share this wisdom and lesson that I have recently learnt which is that its ok to slow down, its perfectly ok to achieve one goal at a time, its ok to feel guilt about not achieving or doing it all but its also important to not hold on to that guilt.  Its important that when you feel  the guilt, you accept it and let it go.

Instead of pushing ourselves to exhaustion, feeling under pressure or experiencing  burnout to ‘ Having it all’ , lets slow down, lets make a new years resolution that this year you can achieve with ease, let’s feel self-love and self-care rather than the stress of agendas, expectations of ourselves and others and lets just ‘Breathe with ease into 2018‘…

Ill leave you with this thought  “There is a time for everything a time for success and a time for lessons, a time for sorrow and a time for joy, a time for working hard and a time for rest, a time for silence and a time to talk, a time for hurt and a time for healing and all this is divine timing.

Trust in your divine timing and your goals, dreams and desires will always flourish.

Stay Happy and Healthy, until next time.


Sonia x