Love, Relationships & Love – “That’s Amore.” How do we make romantic relationships work? how do we love ourselves enough to give ourselves to our partner wholly and unconditionally? How do we stop self-sabotaging in our relationships? How can we have rock solid relationships that are fulfilling and soul connecting?
Join me, your host Sonia Petersen and my special guest Samantha Jayne as we talk about everyone’s fav topic, LOVE.
Join me your host, Sonia Petersen and Samantha Jayne – Australia’s leading Relationship Expert and adviser to Channel 10’s The Bachelor.

Samantha will take us on a journey to understand the importance of how self-love dictates and echoes through your relationship with yourself, your partner and others and especially when it comes to romantic relationships and how to stop self-sabotaging to keep feeling connection and of course love.
Samantha and I go deep on understanding what is self-love, how to feel worthy finding the right partner, aligning your values to experience solid rocking relationships not only with ourselves but with others as well.
Samantha is the ‘go to’, dating coach for strong women who want to attract and marry the man their choice. You can find Samantha on TV, radio and print – she has just finished filming a very exciting segment for Channel 7, still hush hush which will be on TV in the next few weeks, and regularly contributes to magazines. She has helped thousands of women attract a good partner, fall in love and get commitment.
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