What an incredible day yesterday at the SOLD OUT Executive Women’s Wellness Breakfast Event.

I was honoured to host 85 beautiful women at the stunning Fraser Suites hotel in Sydney.

I also chose to support Women in Small Businesses so thank you Haveyoupackedyet? Snackproud and Photographed With Love – Amazingly generous women with hearts of gold so thank you!

Emma Webster, Former EA to Hon. Julia Gillard shared her brilliant life story, she shared her success and her pain of what life deals us sometimes. Emma also shared with us some of her yoga breathing techniques and took us through a guided meditation in which I felt like jelly afterwards.

I also shared my knowledge on how to change our self-talk and break limiting beliefs and decisions we all make in our lives. When we make limiting decisions it affects all areas in our life – Money, Love and Body.

BTW if you attended yesterdays breakfast, we would LOVE to hear your thoughts on the event and want you want from us for the next one https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/EWWS

Yesterday was emotional for me, I watched and felt my 10 year dream come to life and that was to have founded a women’s society that is a sacred space that women join to connect, unite and express their concerns around their own wellbeing and wellness. Where they can feel free to share their mental and emotional headspace and where they can unite with like-minded women and build a supportive and loving community.

Why did it take me 10 years to do this? Just like all of us, I had limiting beliefs that sounded like this;

“I don’t have enough self-confidence”

“People won’t like me or my work”

“No one will join’ , “It’s a stupid idea”

“What will people think of me and this society”.

“People won’t pay me”

Wow, when I reflect I actually laugh at those beliefs, not only aren’t they true but  I have also broken those beliefs with the with the techniques that I can teach and share with you in my e-course ‘Breaking the Limits in your Money, Love + Body.’

I only have 3 spots left for the e-course, if you want to break your limiting self-talk and those decisions, learn kinesiology techniques like balancing the body emotionally and mentally, learn Emotional Freedom Tapping and ill show you how to break limiting thoughts and self-talk with a very special technique I know as a Master in NLP and Hypnotherapy.


Join me and the other ladies that have already enrolled.


More details on the course can be found here but remember the $189.00 offer ends at midnight tonight! go to soniapetersen.com.au/programs/


Stay happy and healthy always xo