Today in my blog, I wanted to share something really personal with you and it’s about a time in my life when I was really stressed and overwhelmed.

I am sharing this with you today as a message and reminder that if you are experiencing stress, overwhelm, exhaustion or close to burn out, I trust that you will continue to read, I think I can help!

When I was going through a time of stress and burning out, I experienced so many symptoms of stress which resembled;  my hair was falling out, I broke out in hives all over my body (3 months before I was to be married), I suffered with irregular periods,  teeth grinding,  cramping in my arms and even night terrors.

I knew my body was trying to tell me something, but what exactly?

I knew I had a lot going on in my life, but I thought I was coping, I thought I had it all under control – until I didn’t!

I decided that I would transform my life, I decided to immerse myself in all things health and nutrition, personal development, you know – inner healing work all that great stuff!

I started with transforming my physical body, I joined a bootcamp class 3 days a week and even in the midst of those icy cold winters I still showed up for myself.

I transformed my diet, drank loads of water (which I hardly ever drank) ,  I eliminated everything that was processed including refined sugars and saturated fats.

I made a promise to my body that if I were tempted by junk food that I would question what nutrients that particular food would give my body (for example, what nutrients would  a packet of chips or fried foods give me?!) if the answer was zero, I simply didn’t eat it and found comfort in choosing food that would feed my body nutrients, food that loved my body back and didn’t make my body have to work harder than it already was.

I started to transform  my emotional and energetic body by embracing holistic modalities like  reiki, yoga and meditation practices,  angel cards, EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Tapping), taking  vibrational medicine complimented with  Kinesiology and Hypnotherapy sessions.

I would feel good temporally after those session, but I could feel my body was still needing more.

Now, if you know my work, you’d know that I am a Kinesiologist and Master in NLP and Hypnotherapy and I swear by these therapies, I have seen great  success for my clients with the use of these therapies.

But after all these treatments, why was my  body so stressed out? Why couldn’t I just calm the fudge down?!

I realised I had followed everything but I was missing one practice and that was to ‘change my mindset’.

So, I began the journey of the mindset shift.

I started saying things to myself like;

“I am calm and my body is at peace’
“I love my body for what it does for me”
“I am exactly where I ought to be”
“I am love and I am loved”

Over three months, I repeated affirmations to myself that felt good, deserving and true to me. I believed and focused on each word I was saying whilst giving my body loving energy and guess what happened? yep, my body started to ease.

My hair started to repair, my hives disappeared just before my wedding day, my periods returned to normal and the arm cramping and night terrors stopped.

Finally,  I found a way to master my mind and body connection and I found that as soon as I changed my mindset and started the journey of self-love, my body responded with a ‘Hallelujah’ you did it girl, now keep going!

I coach so many incredible women who are suffering just like I had.  I always encourage them to do whatever modality works for them.

Being well doesn’t mean from a text book. There’s a lot of ‘should’s’ which I took wellbeing so literally and a lot of ‘should’s’, I was exhausted with the ‘should’s’ and started to trust myself intuitively.

I eliminated things that didn’t feel good, for example I realised that to get to my yoga class on a Tuesday evening was eventful, I would rush to eat dinner, rush to the class, I would get there late, tippy toe into the class that was jammed packed which didn’t feel good to me, so I dropped it.

What felt good to me was boot camp which meant socialising with friends I had made in that class, I loved the intensity of the class, I felt like it helped me relieve some anxiety, so I kept that practice going.

I learnt to let go of the ‘should’s’.

I learnt to let go of practices that didn’t really serve me.

I learnt to listen to my body.

And the biggest lesson that I wanted to share with you today is that you can be doing all these practices, but like me if you don’t change your mindset, your mind and body are misaligned.

The  conversation between the both mind and body needs to be like a melody of conversation you have with your best friend, it flows, it’s easy, the values are aligned, there is peace and harmony in understanding each other and most importantly there’s love.

Think with love and release all fear, that to me is the answer to living to optimal health.

For more tips on how to ‘Stressless’ download my e-book or I welcome you with love to join me on a 1:1 session.

With all my love
Sonia Petersen