There’s no doubt that the silly season can be one of the busiest and most stressful times of the year for Executive Assistants. From award nights to Christmas parties, locating the most ideal venue, along with guests lists, VIP’s, RSVP’s, sourcing the most ideal gifts along with meeting deadlines for our ‘normal’ jobs – Wow, that’s already allot to take in!

There’s no doubt that we are on the ‘GO, GO, GO’ which in turn leads us to start feeling the hustle and bustle for the end of year wrap up. It’s underestimated the impact and toll this kind of stress can take on our bodies, it may be the lack of sleep, or the constant anxiety and stress around an event or work, it may be the exhaustion you start to feel because your body can’t keep up with your mind all while you nervous and immune system starts to depress and shutdown because the high speed has eventually ticked over causing you to fall ill or worse suffer with disease. I’m here to remind you to take it slow and consider implementing a wellness plan and here’s how;

Just Breathe: practice deep belly breathing. When the body is stressed the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) needs to be reminded to slow down and stop running on the brains primitive programming of ‘fight’. By taking deep breaths this activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) which has the opposite effect, it regulates the body’s temperature and calms the nervous system to be stable and relaxed.

Exercise: Release those endorphins and get the blood pumping. This will not only make you feel good and keep you healthy but it is a form of meditation and mindfulness it’s that 1 hour workout that allows you to simply just focus on your physical body which in turn then connects with your mind.

Say No, and be ok with it: Don’t overcommit during this busy time, if you can’t or don’t want just say ‘Thanks but No thanks” and be ok with it, don’t get the guilts or start to feel bad or feel peer pressured, you can only give out the energy you have and if you don’t replenish your cup you won’t have much fuel to run on.

Step Back: Everyday do something that makes you feel good and a sense of peace. This may be as simple as taking a bath, spending quality time with your family or simply just going for a walk. Remember taking a step back for yourself will not only benefit your mind and body but it will also improve your relationships as you will simply be able to give to people more.

Give Back and express gratitude: Every year I love donating a gift under KMART’s Christmas tree, it makes me feel good knowing that such a small gift is going to make just one child smile this year. Do something for someone else and express the gratitude for what you have in your life because when you do those positive chemical messengers float to your immune system and start to repair it which helps prevent you from illness and disease.

When you slow down and practice self – care, you align your energy with your work and you;


  • Breath deeper and in turn your body works for you
  • Are less stressed and more creative
  • You can perform more effectively and efficiently
  • Are calm and that means your nervous system is calm, promising you good health
  • Can handle people and tasks easily
  • Enjoy your job and your working environment
  • Trust yourself with confidence and in turn perform better
  • Will have a better family life because you won’t bring home the worries of the day
  • Become focused and better at your job which is a stepping stone for a successful career
  • Love what you create in your work and life
  • Start to express gratitude and it feels good
  • Are balanced and in tune with yourself because you start to finally listen to the whispers of your body’s calls.


So, I remind you to slow down, let’s gently turn down the nozzle on 2016 and let’s with open arms embrace 2017 with grace and poise rather than anxiousness and turmoil. Let’s spend time with our families and be reminded that our self-worth and wellness starts with the inward journey out, our self-worth shouldn’t be determined buy our jobs or careers, it’s what we build in our lives that matter so slow down and focus on your wellbeing because your LIFE matters and just like L’Oréal says “Because your worth it!”

Stay Happy and Healthy,

Sonia Petersen