As a Senior Executive Assistant at the beginning of each year I sit down with my Director and Board and create SMART goals for my role and career progression. The goals are Specific, Measured, Attainable, Realistic and Timely – SMART. But this year I wanted something more from my goals and my workplace, I asked my Director ‘What about goals around my Wellbeing?” I have allot of exciting projects ahead, but I can also see the hard work, long hours and the toll that all this can take on my body mentally, emotionally and physically. Yes, I am paid and compensated for the job ahead, but at what cost will this have on my health and wellbeing, I shouldn’t suffer for the sake of my role which the prolonged stress can lead to burn out, illness or disease.

In the book ‘Lead Like a Woman’ by Megan Dalla-Camilla & Michelle McQuaid they say “Result studies are finding that people who have higher levels of wellbeing reap all sorts of benefits. Not only are they more resilient, have more energy, are healthier and happier, but they are also more charitable, better liked by others, are more creative and productive at work, and earn more money. It turns out that wellbeing is what makes it possible for us to be well and do well”

So, I decided that to be at my full potential as a Woman and Leader in my role and strive to be all the things mentioned above, I needed to ensure that my wellbeing goals are aligned to the business, my role and most importantly my life. When you feel that all those things don’t align in your role it’s probably this time of year when you may decide to search for a new job or career.

With the support of my Directors, I have now set up a Wellness Goal Setting Program that is now included in my SMART goal planning strategy for 2017. I now feel at ease that I can perform my role in everyway and also knowing that my health and wellness is supported and kept in check.

Here are a couple of Wellbeing Goals that I have created and that allow me to be aligned in business, in my role and in my life;

  • Flexible Working Hours: this is so I can exercise early in the morning and when I arrive at work I am totally switched on and ready to produce some fantastic work, my endorphins have kicked in and I am feeling engaged, productive and re-energised.
  • Working From Home: I live 1 hour away from the office and sometimes the loss of time in travel and the stress of getting to work becomes mentally and emotionally draining. I have been given the option to work from home 1-2 days a week which I find I am so much more productive, less interruptions and can focus solely on the requirements of my Directors day and projects.

I used one simple strategy to ensure my business and wellbeing goals were aligned to my role as follows;

  1. Write Your Goal? (Both Business and Wellbeing)
  2. Why do you want this goal? What does it give you?
  3. And why do you want that? What does that give you?
  4. And why do you want that? What does that give you?
  5. What will this goal help the business achieve?
  6. Ultimately, what will this goal help you feel?

I appreciate and understand how each Business, Role and Director runs in a unique capacity, but I’m here to remind you that no matter how unique your role or business can be your Health and Wellness should always be your priority and it’s also your responsibility to communicate it with your Director and Business if you feel like this aspect of your role and life needs the attention.

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