“Life is truly a manifestation of
where we invest our energy”
Dandapani – Hindu Priest, International Speaker, Entrepreneur 

For many years Hindu Priests and Monks have been reciting  mantras and chants.  I recently learnt that they use beads to what I always thought were prayer beads to recite these mantras. The mantras are repeated 108 times in a day, the same mantra over and over again.

Did you know though that these mantras are actually positive words of affirmation? and the reason why they recite these mantras is to re-program the subconscious minds patterns which can help break limiting beliefs, update their subconscious programming and release negative or stagnate emotions of energy that no longer serves them.

Lately, I have been coaching and hearing from a lot of clients who are struggling with anxiety or depression or both.

I know what its like to suffer from debilitating anxiety and depression, I know the pain, I know the hurt and I know the feeling of confusion, overwhelm and exhaustion.

I remember all those horrible feelings…

I also remember what it was like when I made the choice to no longer allow anxiety to control or rule my life. Now through my wellness journey and self-exploration I know the feeling of self-love, feeling whole and feeling supported in times when I was confused about my emotions and in turn my life.

I wanted to share the below exercise that is simple and  can help release anxiety, I also want to share this post with you all today as a reminder to everyone who is feeling  burnt out,  anxiety or depression at this time in their lives and that its OK to feel this from time to time.

Try the below exercise to release anxiety; 

  1. Ask yourself ‘What are you specifically anxious about?” Be specific
  2. Write it down.
  3. As you reflect on what you have written, now ask yourself “Has this actually happened to me yet?”

Anxiety is fear of the future and you cant fear what hasn’t happened yet, so really you are trying to cross a bridge that hasn’t been presented in your pathway yet or may never present its self.

The best technique to calm yourself down when you are feeling anxiety is to repeat this affirmation
“I am safe” – This statement alone activates the parasympathetic nervous system that relaxes the body and deactivates the fight response and it’s a gentle directive for the subconscious mind to know  that it is not in any danger and that it doesn’t need to be in ‘fight’ mode.

Remember that you chose who you feel, stress isn’t real, the symptoms of stress are incredibly real but its our perspective and how we interrupt events in our lives that make it either a experience of feeling love or feeling anxiety or stress..

I say always choose love, it feels great  and its easy to do and you my darling are deserving of love!


I wrote e-book ‘Stress Less’ for all women who are in need of guidance, courage and support. I know the pain and anxiety you can feel, I know the pain of fearing everything and I know how quickly my health deteriorated because I wasn’t listening to to the whispers of my body.

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 With all my love
Sonia Petersen