A year ago, I visualised myself holding seminars and talking to women on topics to promote wellbeing. I had no idea how this vision would come to life but I trusted myself and the process I was feeling.

On Tuesday (21.3.17) evening, I witnessed all my emotional visualisation and energy come to life. I ran my first event for the Executive Women’s Wellness Society which sold out in 48 hours and got a 90% attendance. Even with a horrid thunder storm in the Sydney CBD it didn’t hold back these brave and beautiful women from attending.

I was overwhelmed and blown away as I saw each woman arrive with a smile and anticipation of what the night will present.

When I reflected in my gratitude journal this week post event, I reminded myself of one important thing; How visualisation and being congruent with your goals is the ultimate super power you can have in your toolkit as a woman.

The trick to visualisation is  that you not only visualise your goals, but you need to also be in the emotional state of what you would feel when you reach that goal.

When you see your goal, what are you feeling, who is around, are there any smells or sounds, is the picture dark or bright – if it’s dark make it bright. From a Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) perspective, what you are doing is giving a command to your subconscious mind and an address more so. If you don’t give your subconscious mind an address to where you want to be it simply doesn’t know how to apply the motivation to your goals.

Most people focus on what they don’t want, and when you focus on what you don’t want that’s usually what you end up getting because that’s the address the subconscious mind follows, which leads people to feel stuck, lack clairty and ambiguity.

It’s like hopping in your car without an address to type into your GPS. You have to  activate your internal GPS which is your mind and body – by visualising and feeling the emotional state you can activate your life’s direction and then just watch your goals come to life.

The success of creating the EWWS society came to life and united women in wellness because I’m serving my ‘Why’, I’m serving my ‘Values and Beliefs’ and I’m serving me by feeling congruent with my work.

Slow down and listen to your body’s  whispers and her ‘Why’, trust that your ‘Values and Belief System’ will lead you to your ‘Why’ if you don’t already have it!