Hi Beautiful,

I love you, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me Thank you.’ Ho’Oponopono Prayer

Let go of… the should’s

Let go of…the stress

Let go of.. the expectations of yourself

Let go of … the expectations of others

Let go of …the fear

Let go of …the sadness

Let go of ...the anger

Let go of …the hurt

Let go of… that guilt

Let go of … obligation

Let go of….that toxic work place or job

Let go of …that toxic environment

Let go….of that toxic partner

Let go…of that toxic family member/s

Let go…of that toxic friend

Let go of …overwhelm

Let go of …judging others

Let go of …judging yourself

Let go of …comparing yourself to others

Let go of …abusing your body

Let go of …abusing yourself mentally

Let go of …abusing yourself emotionally

And finally LET GO of what no longer serves you….you know what it is! Let it go, Let it go, Let it go!! It no longer serves you, it no longer helps you grow, it only stunts your growth!

I hope this passage has helped you find some clarity today.  If you want more deliciousness on how to keep well, please join me at the Executive Women’s Wellness Breakie on the 19th Oct 2018. Early Bird has Sold Out and Second Release Tickets are almost sold 🙂

Hope to see you there! With love  Sonia Petersen xx