When I was in the full swing of my burnout, I remember how much I hated Sunday’s, the anxiety attacks I would have left me paralysed with fear. From spinning headaches and not being able to get out of bed, to losing my hair from all the  stress, to  feeling like I couldn’t breathe and to the point of exhaustion!

I hated Sunday’s because I knew what was coming for the week ahead; a job I loathed, a boss I just couldn’t do right by, long and exhausting hours, a work load that was designed for 2 people not 1 and intoxicating people and work environment.

But when I reflect,  these were just all excuses I was creating in myself and it was literally making me sick! My own self-talk was having me stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and fearful – I knew something had to change and fast!

You see, it took me to get to breaking point to realise I had a choice, I had a choice to show up for myself and my life and I decided that I was going to break my limits and make some serious changes and the first change I had to make was not by job but my ‘mindset’.

With all the strength I had left in me, I decided to pick myself up and dust myself off.  I decided to stop thinking “poor me” or “why me?” and I started thinking “you got this” and with holding my personal power and deciding to change,  I broke through what seemed to be the impossible!

When I decided to have a better life, things in my life started to work, my anxiety attacks stopped, I started feeling more energised, my hair started growing back and my body decided to heal and recover – All because I decided to think with love for myself not fear, overwhelm or stress.

I’m here to remind you that you decide how you feel, you decide if you feel stressed or calm, you decide to think with love for yourself not hate.

Decide to think with a mind that explores opportunities rather than thinking with fear,  allow yourself to experience personal growth rather than getting caught up in the stress or overwhelm and embrace deciding on what you want to feel and really show up for your life – the decision is always yours!

Here’s your free 4 minute meditation to find clarity, feel focused and energised through this week http://www.soniapetersen.com.au/ – I hope you enjoy the calm and peace in this.

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With love
Sonia xo