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In your Money, Love + Body

Smash limiting beliefs, experience goal alignment + create your sustainable self-care plan in just 4 weeks.

Is that annoying inner voice holding you back, so you end up sabotaging yourself, your career, business or relationships …and missing out on the fulfilling, empowered life that you dream of?

Join me in this unique 4 week online course which is designed to share with your 4 powerful strategies on how to experience inner harmony, empowerment & success in your career, business, relationships + body.

The 4 week online course we’ll uncover how to;

  • Break through your Limiting Beliefs that hold you back in your career, money , relationships and body blocks
  • Set up your goals and future pace using a Time Line Therapy Technique
  • Learn basic kinesiology self-muscle testing to be able to balance your body, thoughts, energy  and so much more
  • Learn EFT Techniques to help with limiting beliefs, emotional harmony and clearing self-sabotage blocks
  • Quieten the self-critic, change your mindset + get what you want
  • Find career clarity to  attract more clients, clear money, love and body  blocks
  • Embrace your self-love and create a sustainable ‘Self-Care’ plan
  • Set up your fool proof goals, experience life alignment + future pace your success

When you decide to have a limitation you can hold onto that limiting belief for the rest of your life. Together I will help you SMASH those beliefs and break through to change your life and make it even better.

What you will receive:

  • 1:1 coaching + mentoring with me during the webinar + duration of the course term
  • Material and pdf workbooks on ‘Breaking the Limits’ and understanding what your triggers are and the limiting beliefs
  • Audio recording of Mini Meditation through out some modules
  • Access to the Executive Women’s Wellness Society Facebook network and free content and material on wellbeing
  • Connect with like-minded women
  • Walk away feeling excited, energised and kick some goals in your life

  How will the online course work:

For the duration of the 4 week course, every Tuesday night from 7.00pm till 8.00pm you will join a live webinar and I will personally coach you through each of the modules.

Once you have registered, you can download your course material immediately.

When can I start?

4 Week Term Starts – Every Tuesday Night for only 4 Weeks from 25th September 2017.

Limited seating…book your seat…change your life… be happy…be healthy…


for ‘Breaking the Limits’ Course

“I thoroughly enjoyed Sonia’s session and I would highly recommend attending and learning new techniques to apply in your everyday life”– Nicola Applegate EA at Club Assist –

“I came in today with knowing I had limiting self-belief. I leave today with breaking those limiting beliefs and vibrating at a new level. I would highly recommend this workshop to Executive Assistants or women who are seeking a break through” Sarah Hammad, HR Officer + Manager in Construction –

“Sonia has a beautiful energy around the works she does. The ½ day workshops are a powerful space to remind us of what is important. If you want to experience a breakthrough then do Sonia’s workshop! ”

– Suzi Trajkosvki – Project Manager, Medical

 “The ½ day Wellness Workshop was a wonderful experience. I have been to other workshops of this nature, but Sonia has a warmth about her that made everyone feel involved and achieve what they came for” – Shirley Harris, Virtual Executive Assistant –

“Well thought out, helpful & insightful course. I think I’ll still be finding benefits to this day in months to come! Thank you!”

– Sarah Fenton, Executive Assistant at QBE –

Yep I am in buy here 

3 payments x 395.00 

 Buy ‘Breaking The Limits’ Now


LOGO3 Month Coaching Package

Bodi Hum is the ultimate body package for your mind, body and spirit. If you are strapped for time and feel like you need to rejuvenate yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually pronto,  then this is the ultimate package for you.

What to expect from the program:

We’ll  uncover your story, align your goals whether its in business, career, relationships or personal development.  I’ll share with you all the amazing techniques that I have at hand to help you let go of all the emotional blocks and best yet we’ll release those negative emotions and  limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck, overwhelmed, burnt out or lacking confidence to make your dreams reality.

What you will receive:

You will receive 6 sessions in total (via Skype), which will be  2 x 1 hour sessions over a period of 3  months with me and continued support.

  • Personal mentoring and support
  • Supporting documentation based on coaching sessions
  • Access to the Executive Women’s Wellness Society Facebook Group and LinkedIn Group.
  • Join the Executive Women’s Wellness Society Membership program with at a discounted fee.

Each coaching session is unique to you and we will together get you where you dream to because you are worthy your dreams.

I’m always happy to chat and I would love to connect with you, so if you have any questions please get in touch with me.


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