Recently my hubby and I missed out on what we thought would be a sea change – a great business and lifestyle opportunity down the South Coast, NSW.

I had big hopes and dreams for our future there, but when our deal feel threw I was shattered.  

After a couple of days of seeking some self-compassion and inner refugee,  I kept thinking these words  ‘it just wasn’t meant to be’.  Over the next few days, I started to believe it and felt a comfort with knowing that it’s true and just like the  in Italians sing  “Che, Sara, Sara” and like the song goes “Whatever will be, will be”. 
Now don’t get me wrong, I know that this seems like a first world problem but it was relevant to me and  what I want to explain to you is this; I was given an opportunity because I said ‘yes’ I was open minded and waiting to receive, but just because this opportunity fell through, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t something even better waiting ahead. By saying ‘yes’ I grew into my skin that little bit more, found the clarity I needed and the resilience to push on.

If you didn’t land your dream job  ‘there will be another  opportunity’, if you are single and your waiting for ‘the one’ that perfect relationship is out there waiting for you, if you missed your chance on your dream home or business, there will be another opportunity and the only way to bounce back from all the hardships is with resilience and the integrity to stand up and fight for your dreams and goals.

So there’s a bump in the road, do you turn back after a long trip or do you face what’s ahead and keep going? I’d say you keep going!!
The message from this is to remind you of being resilient and to say ‘yes’ to opportunities embrace them with love not fear, become resilient as it opens the doors to other avenues of your life, and the hard lessons are for preserving what you  need to know from your personal growth now and apply that positive learning to what you need to know today and in the future.
What disappointed you recently that you need to let go of?…now let it go! just let it go!

Say  ‘Yes’ this week to what seems like an opportunity..

What door will you open by saying ‘yes’? what door will organically shut because it no longer served you?

and remember your resilience will be put to the test but you will always pass with flying colours!

And when you’re down and out,  remember to sing ‘Che, Sara, Sara– Whatever will be, will be, the future is not ours to see, Che, Sara, Sara.”