Hi Beautiful,

I hope you have had a great start to the week.

Let me kick off by asking you a deep question for a Wednesday morning, when was the last time you paused to self-reflect?

Yes, that’s right to reflect on your life with a smile, a distinct feeling of achievement and poise?

Do you know that self-reflection can heal your past and helps you move forward, but only if we reflect with self-compassion and kindness for ourselves.

I don’t believe in bad decisions, I believe in beautiful life lessons that help us grow and know ourselves authentically.  Rather than look back in our career, relationships or even our wellbeing with regrets, shame or dis-satisfaction, let’s reflect and understand that whatever we have been through in our life is because we needed to learn our  life lesson that would help our personal growth and support the appreciation  our present life.

When we practice self-reflection, it gives us the opportunity to connect to our four bodies, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. This connection to our energy gives us the opportunity to pause and reflect on our life, connect with our higher self and helps us answer our ‘Why’ and most times you get your answer.

When we don’t practice self-reflection, we lose the connection with ourselves, experience a loss of direction, overwhelm and our vision takes the back seat.

Recently I dug out a journal I wrote years ago, admittedly I use to call them my lost year’s because that’s exactly how I felt. I was lost, confused with no doubt emotionally unstable and certainly lacked self-love.

As I read through the journal I laughed, I cried and I simply reflected.  I realised the lessons I had to learned and I felt a sense of appreciate float through my body because if it wasn’t for those hard lessons, I wouldn’t  have the love for myself and life now.

I love self-reflecting by meditating, journal writing or long walks. However you choose to self-reflect is up to you and there is no right or wrong.

When you self-reflect and make your intentions clear,  you;

  • Think clearer and set more defined goals
  • Are more in tune with yourself, your internal compass is accurate and clear
  • Are less likely to repeat destructive patterns
  • Don’t sabotage yourself as much
  • Are energised with where you’re going in life
  • Feel contentment rather than that sticky feeling of being stuck
  • Release yourself from emotional prison and you start to embrace what life offers you
  • Start serving your ‘WHY’ and become authentic with yourself
  • Have and can hold a healthier relationship with yourself and others
  • Have purpose and that fulfils you
  • Have more energy and when you have more you can give our more
  • Heal your life because you know your worth something special in this life time
  • Your immune system is kept healthy and free from illness and disease.

What is it that you need to self-reflect on?  heal your past and all your four bodies. This can help you create some solid goals that will change your life now and always.

Before you go, I wanted to remind you that the Executive Women’s Wellness Society presents;

‘Women’s Wellness Networking Breakfast’ with special guest
Emma Webster; former Executive Assistant in the office of Australia’s 27th Prime Minister the Hon Julia Gillard.

This event is open to all women of all professions, come along and hear Emma talk on keeping up her own self-care + wellness strategies during her time in office, she will guide you through some yoga breathing techniques and while your there enjoy Fraser Suites irresistible breakie…

I run these events to continue to unite and connect women in the workplace and life to promote the very important to message that our wellbeing is key.

When you love and respect your health and wellness you’ll find all other parts of your life run in synchronicity and what a beautiful thing synchronicity can be!

I hope you can join us, connect with us and  support eachother to love and respect ourselves and our wellbeing.

Reply to me with your favorite self-care ritual and you will be in the running to win 2 FREE TICKETS to this event. – Goodluck

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Until then stay happy + healthy..

Love Sonia XO