You know those days when your boss is demanding your attention, they throw you meaningless tasks, they dump a reactive project in your lap, your to do list is piling up, and you can’t seem to cross anything off your list, your phones are ringing off of the hook, people are stopping you in the hall way to just chat and you haven’t even had your morning coffee yet!! Boy do I know that feeling!!

As an Executive Woman I experience this kind of busyness all the time, on days like this I would find myself in a fluster, my heart would beat fast (all day), my mouth would get dry, sometimes I would stumble my words and I could never shake the nerves given the overwhelming tasks ahead. Whether it was stepping into an all day meeting to take minutes for the board or handle intensive travel logistics for international and interstate guests – I know that feeling of wanting to scream and feeling really alone in my role. When you feel like this it’s time to take a step back and do something different and that is to re-align your body’s energy and hold your personal power.  In fact everyday is important to align your body’s energy and not let negative thoughts creep in and consume your ‘air time’ which sucks your personal power leading you to procrastination and unproductivity. Aligning your energy and personal power helps not only integrate your mind, it canters your nervous system allowing it to cope with one thing at a time (and yes, I know we’re women and they say we can multi-task, but at what price do we pay for being able to do this?!)

When you align your time and tasks, you align your body’s energy, then you hold your personal power and you aren’t giving away what you don’t have – you are fueling the tank so to speak. When your body’s energy is in alignment you are  able to perform, you show up for yourself for your Executive, you have the energy to fulfil tasks without feeling overwhelmed.

Here are some Wellness tips that can help you keep aligned and mentally in check:

Breathe, no one is watching Before preparing any tasks, remember to integrate your mind and body connection, show some love for your brain and body by diaphragmatically breathing, this calms down our central nervous system instantly, it helps keep us grounded, and allows blood flow to run to our neuro (front brain) rather than run on our brain’s primitive software (back brain).

Morning Routines are really important as it helps you feel focused and aligns your bodies vibration,  energy and aligns your mind and body for the tasks ahead. Every morning I exercise and then I sit quietly for a few minutes and visualise my days tasks. I visualise each task and then see them successfully completed. I always visualise my longer term  goals as well, I really go deep with this I embrace my goal like I’m living it- i see the people around me, what it tastes like or smells like even.

‘Do you know what Mikaela Shiffrin said before she won the Gold Medal for the slalom race at the 2014 Winter Olympics “To everybody this is my first Olympics. But to me it’s my thousandth” She was referring to her vision and how often she had visualised winning that Gold.’

Rely on your Work Bestie – Yep, your calendar This will help you think clearer, creativity and help you align your energy with what tasks need to be delivered for the day.

When you have those days of feeling overwhelmed and utterly exhausted, jot down a to do list that composes :   Urgent, Can Wait, Do later 

Use your electronic calendar to notify you of reminders for you and your Executive i.e. Set tasks and date parameters and flag as reminders (don’t count on your mind to remember, the poor thing has enough going on so help her our and write things down)

Time to Reassess and Speak Up Sometimes our Executives take us for granted in the sense that  we get things done, they continue to pile up our work and still expect the same performance and creativity. When it becomes too much and your time and energy is consumed on meaningless tasks or simply getting bogged down, the best thing to do is SPEAK UP and call a meeting with your Executive,  expressing your concerns and how you feel about certain tasks or workload is all part of communicating as a team, so please don’t see this as a weakness its actually courage and strength and protecting your mental health.

Don’t’ forget to speak up in your life as well i.e. If you need your partner or family to help you with workload around the house  or extra circular tasks, speak up and ask for the help.

Protect your personal boundaries We all know this ‘give people an inch and they take a mile’. Give people all your energy and time and they will just keep taking. When you’re at work be at work, and yes its totally ok to have your breaks and socialise with your colleagues, however as an Executive Assistant at times people do have agendas behind their conversations with you, they feel like that you’re the key to being the one step closer to the boss, a promotion, sensitive information and sometimes people can use your position as leverage thinking that you may put in a good word for them with the Executive and so forth. While this is true and ok as well, you do need to protect your personal boundaries,  time and energy for yourself, so when you see someone invading and violating your boundaries trust your self-awareness that you know when to politely pull back and save all that delicious energy for yourself, where it matters.

And likewise for your personal life, you just know when someone is sucking your energy so it’s up to you to gently pull back and had your personal power.

When you have a vision and fill up your cup daily you have more control of your day and you align your energy with your work and life. When your body’s energy is aligned you;

  • Breath deeper and in turn your body works for you
  • Are less stressed and more creative, hence more productive
  • You can perform more effectively and efficiently
  • Are calm and that means your nervous system is calm, promising you good health
  • Can handle people and tasks easily
  • Your personal boundaries are protected and your cup is filled always to the bream
  • Enjoy your job and your working environment
  • Trust yourself with confidence and in turn perform better
  • Will have a better family life because you won’t bring home the worries of the day
  • Like your job you become good at it leading to other roles that will give you financial stability and security
  • Love what you create
  • Love your work day and that will make you feel good and grateful in return


Stay Happy and Healthy.

Sonia Petersen xo