Have you ever felt an overwhelming feeling of go, go, go, pushing yourself so hard that you start circling?

It’s that familiar feeling when I quickly to decide if I would let it rule and consume me or if I will stop it in its tracks.

Recently had to put a really important business project on hold, I was working toward and looking forward to it, but I decided to cancel it for a couple of reasons which were; I started feeling overwhelmed and panicked about the project and things started to go wrong.

I asked myself several times, what was it about this project that made it so difficult to launch? Was it that the project was too complicated, not enough funds? didn’t have the right resources or need too much attention? No, No, No!

After some time pacing, I realised it wasn’t any of those things – it was me (even scarier)

What happens when you try and do too many things like I have recently (in my job, business + home life) is the cosmos has a funny way of putting things on hold for you so you can turn to other things that need your priority, attention and energy in your life.

In my case, my hubby and I start our home renovations in the next few weeks and at the moment I know my family need my time and energy to focus on building our home and that is where I choose to put my energy into the next few weeks in particular.

Rest assure that I am excited and thriving for my project to launch and get it going again, but I had to accept that sometimes in business, relationships and life you need to ‘Stop, Revive and Survive’

It’s like this, I’m on a road trip and I have been travelling for a long while now with no break.  I simply see the sign ahead, ‘Stop, Revive, Survive’ so I decide to pull over into that stop to catch a breath of fresh air, have a cup of coffee, take in my surroundings and get my map out to reassess and re-group on my travels and destination.

 Now, I see this as a beautiful lesson to share. I know now when I need stillness and when I need to reconnect with myself. Years ago, I may not have had all the right tools for this kind of self-awareness but now I do.

It feels so good knowing that I am listening to my body and what it is craving right now. Not pushing through, burning out and getting caught up in the ‘juggle and struggle’ of life overall.

So, I share my lessons with you all and I encourage you to consider taking the next few weeks like I will to ‘Stop, Revive, Survive’ in your career, relationships or life.

Take this time with me, ask yourself does your cup need filling up? Do you need some stillness, time out and to regroup? And if you answer ‘yes’ to all the above’  then know you are  not alone when feeling like this from time to time.

I do think of all the women I coach and who will continue to join my Executive Women’s Wellness Society, I didn’t get into Wellness for Women to promote ‘look at me’ and how great my own wellbeing is. I got into this business to share the experience and techniques that will help all of us elevate our wellbeing and be reminded that we are all human, we share similar experiences and are in this together!

So I’m excited to get back on the road and continue the journey but for now I will enjoy the sipping of my coffee and a breather on this magical road trip of wellbeing.

Until then stay happy + healthy..

Sonia Petersen – Founder of the Executive Women’s Wellness Society