This week I found myself feeling slightly overwhelmed. I got caught up in my own ‘juggle and struggle’ and found myself working to deadlines at home and in my work life.

I was on the go, go, go and unconsciously I was pushing  myself and when it got to Friday evening I found myself on the couch all veged out!

These days though, I know when to stop or say  ‘No’ and be ok with it.  Given my bodies calls to slow down this week, I simply honoured her and over the weekend I decided to clear my schedule and embrace in my own self-care rituals; deep breathing and meditating, a walk by the water, having a hot epsom bath salt with lavender oil, enjoying a cup of tea on my balcony, bathing in the sun, spending some quality with my hubby and having lunch with my best friend.

Rather than push myself even more, I stopped and centered myself with the things I love.  I created my own self-care plan for the weekend and that was to clear anything that made me feel overwhelmed or obligated. I cleared myself in all the four bodies; emotionally, mentally, physically and energetically; Without resistance, I let go of plans that didn’t serve me and I embraced simple things.

This week I have coached busy and burnout women who push and push themselves and never slow down to obey their bodies. These incredible women also have been caught up in their own ‘juggle and struggle’; work deadlines, family life,  simply no balance or self-care and what happens in this mix is that we start to lose ourselves in the overwhelm which impacts our career and relationships.

When this happens we feel stressed, lack clarity and start to focus on what we don’t want rather on what we need and our body truly deserves.

Just like Deepak Chopra says ‘Our immune system is evise dropping on our thoughts” When our body goes into overdrive trying to keep up with our commanding thoughts and actions, our immune system starts to weaken when it overcompensates trying to keep up with all the busy.

When you slow down and stress less, you’re 4 bodies work in-sync and start to work together as a team; emotionally, mentally, physically and energetically they work to empower you, your career, relationships and  life.

When you’re body is in-sync;

  • Your bodies vibration is at a higher frequency which allows you to attract what you want rather then what you don’t want
  • You’re more productive in your work
  • You’re more attentive in your relationships
  • You feel more positive and can achieve more
  • You’re subconscious can easily and more efficiently run the blue print on your body and can do it’s job just like it was designed to ‘keep you healthy and happy!”

You’re body becomes like a symphony, beautifully sound.  Just like that song, you simply feel good, in flow and have a rhythm and beat to life. So if you could have a song represent your life right now, what song would you want it to be, represent and sound like?!

This week; I challenge you to clear your schedule of anything that makes you feel obligated, say ‘NO’ and be ok with it and think about your life’s song as it is right.

Share with me your self-care plan and help other women embrace this beautiful ritual of self-love and care.


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