Hey Beautiful,

We all want to feel happy in our lives but often life gets in the way. We get side tracked with the journey of  daily tasks that can hijack our life’s purpose and sometimes our  happiness.

What can we do to cultivate happiness? It’s actually very simple, our thoughts whether positive or negative they are creating our sadness or happiness in her research, American Cellular Biologist, Candice Pert refers to Neuropeptides (NP)as being the ‘chemical messengers’ that travel throughout our body whenever we think or speak a word. Each cell produces hundreds of different neuropeptides (NP’s) each with their own functions, hormones, endorphins, cortisol and adrenaline are some examples. 

Science finally now agrees that there is a body and mind connection, which is proven when we have thoughts of anger, judgement or criticism. The NP’s produced depress and attack our immune system but when we think with love, excitement and empowerment the NP’s produce cells to repair our immune system.
You see this is where gratification comes into play, when we are grateful not only does it helps us come back to the present moment, appreciate our lives, our loved one’s, an experience and so forth, it also procedures healthy NP’s that in turn keep our immune system happy, functioning and disease free.

When we express gratitude our body’s energy flows in synchronicity with our purpose, we express love for ourselves and others more freely, we start to really care about our body and want to engage in positive thinking rather than the same old patterns of being stuck and not good enough because now we know what negative thinking does to our body and no one wants to be suffering in emotional pain, illnesses or diseases.
Not many years ago when I was suffering anxiety and depression, I realised that my life wasn’t going anywhere, I hated my dead-end job, I had no real love or purpose  in my life and I am sure my family and friends were sick of my whining.

I remember when I met my husband he was carefree, a positive thinker and held no judgement.  He said to me one day ‘You use the word anxiety allot?” Instantly, I knew from that day I didn’t want anxiety to define who I was as a person. 

Here was this man so together and sure of himself, which I admired him instantly for not fearing life the way that I did.

I made a choice to change; I chose to invite love and happiness back into my life. I started celebrating small wins, choosing gratitude instead of pain.

A day later I was passing a jewellery store which I saw a charm shaped as bird and I instantly said to myself “that’s what I will wear to remind myself of my freedom from anxiety and that I could break free from my negative thoughts and emotions”.

Still to this day I wear that bird around my neck, which means when I have times of doubt or despair I reach down and hold onto that charm. This reminds me that I always have a choice to think with love or to think with fear – I now always choose LOVE

When you cultivate happiness and express gratitude you;

  • Have an address for your internal GPS
  • Enjoy the journey of life and are so much more grateful
  • People enjoy your company and you become inspiring to be around
  • Are content and enthusiastic
  • Feel energetic which helps you kick goals
  • Free yourself from emotional pain, guilt and shame
  • Break down limiting beliefs and think clearer
  • Live and fulfil your lives purpose
  • Experience better health and lifestyle
  • Are no longer fearful
  • Love and are loved
  • Are authentic to yourself and your purpose

Until then stay happy + healthy..

Love Sonia XO