When we practice self-reflection, it gives us the opportunity to connect to ourselves by finding out what’s going on around us. It gives us the opportunity to stop, take a breath and move towards our future goals. When we don’t practice self-reflection, we lose the connection with ourselves, experience a loss of direction and our vision takes the back seat. Once you have the understanding of your lessons you can start to discover what you want and what is currently not working for you, which means that you can create the vision on how you see your dream life.

So in 2017 let’s;

Step into 2017 with big dreams for our career and our well-being

Dream big and receive big

Live a little and push our comfort zone –  try something different often

Change our mind set and start to exploring new possibilities with a fresh perspective

Have the courage to find a new career path or a new job or work toward that promotion if that’s what you dream

Think about our bodies, the movement it needs and pay attention to the whispers it gives us

Stick to our intentions, goals, our dreams and prove to ourselves that we’ve got this

Hold integrity for ourselves to show up for our life in 2017 but most importantly always

Stay Happy & Healthy in 2017.