Lately in my client sessions  I am finding a familiarity, commonality and energy about each  session that I explore with each, beautiful, amazing and individual woman.   As each session is drawing near to the end, I patiently and with love hear her voice, I sense her pain, I share her frustrations and it sounds something like this; “I just feel like I have no energy’, “My work, kids, partner are all too much to handle”, “I am struggling to get me time”, “My body is aching all over”, “I haven’t been sleeping well”, “I just feel like I lack direction or any clarity in my life”.

As I sit back and listen with compassion and understanding for these struggles, I  reflect with no judgement and share with these incredible women the beauty and the intimacy of hearing about their own struggles which ironically  all us women seem to have in common one way or another.

I wanted to take this time to remind you that it’s time to slow down, to breathe deep and open wide, to understand that our thoughts are a reflection of our health, to wake up in the morning feeling energised and well rested and finally and  truly  ‘Stress Less’ and whatever it is that you are dealing with in your life at the moment I want to say to you ‘This Too Shall Pass’ and everything is all good and always does works out.

When you feeling overwhelmed, out of control and in a frenzy, ‘This Too Shall Pass’,

When you are grieving a broken heart, ‘This Too Shall Pass’

When you realise your life plan has actually not all gone to plan, ‘This Too Shall Pass’

When you feel anger, sadness, fear, hurt,  guilt, regret and disappointment about any situation at all, ‘This Too Shall Pass’

When you realise you need more self-love and harmony but struggle to find it (don’t give up the search) but know that,‘ This Too Shall Pass’

When you have had a really  bad day at work know that, ‘This Too Shall Pass’ When you have a confrontation with a loved one and are deeply hurting (let it go)  This Too Shall Pass’

When you feel like you can’t possibly cope, (you can and always will cope) so breathe deep because This Too Shall Pass’

When you feel like you’re on the road to burnout and there’s no turning back, STOP, please STOP and remember that ‘This Too Shall Pass’ When you decide to slow down, to listen to your body’s cries, her thoughts, her deepest needs you ‘Stress Less’.

‘Your mind, heart, body and soul starts to love you back and your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy starts to align for you and you ‘Stress Less’ because synchronicity and synergy brings flow into your life and flow brings peace, flow brings stability, flow manifests all your desires to not have a life you dream but to be living the life you dream of’ 

Learn more holistic techniques on how to ‘Stress Less and Avoid Burnout’, check out my e-book ‘Stress Less’ – Here’s a short snippet from the e-book

     Let me share with you a shocking statement; ‘stress isn’t real!’  Our bodies symptoms and effects of stress are incredibly real but stress only occurs when our body responds to the demands when you sense danger whether it’s real or not – our perception is projection, think of it as our fight or flight activation; what you perceive to be a stressful event becomes, well…stressful.        

    We are all living in complex and challenging times as we are working longer hours often at the disposal of others. Technology allows us to be available 24/7, we don’t switch off mentally or emotionally, which is detrimental for our nervous system and well-being.      

    We are taking care of many affairs from each compartment of our life such as work, relationships, family, finances, lifestyle, friends, social media interferences and life has just become busy, busy, busy for everyone. But when does that busyness start to become overwhelm, unproductive and simply unhealthy?      

   I understand that being busy can be good for you as well, it helps you be productive; it helps you reach your goals and gives you a sense of purpose and accomplishment. But sometimes, our to do list can turn the corner so it’s more like an obstacle list that puts our mind into a spin. (continue reading the e-book)

Until then stay happy + healthy..

Love Sonia XO