“Say goodbye to stress and burn out and welcome inner harmony, empowerment + abundance into your life”

Feeling stuck or uneasy about your career or life path can make you feel un-motived, frustrated, fearful and leaves you with a sense of ambiguity.

But the truth is you don’t need to know where you’re going right now, you just need the courage, determination and trust in yourself to get you there.

My work will help provide you with the right tools and dig a little deeper in what may be blocking your mindset or energetically to your career or life path.



If you are feeling:


• Feeling Stressed or experiencing Burn Out

• Stuck in your career or life path (searching for the right direction)

• Seeking direction in your work path and not sure where or how to start

• Overwhelmed, Unmotivated and Lack Confidence

•  Suffering from a broken heart

• Struggling with ‘Me’ time and can’t seem to find the self-care

• Tired of meeting people’s expectations

• Seeking self -love, worth and appreciation


I can help..

In my coaching sessions, I will empower you with strategies to help you think with clarity and help change your mindset and elevate  your wellbeing.

Together, we’ll explore and determine which tools are right for you. Techniques such as  Hypnotherapy or NLP will help shift your mindset and Kinesiology or Emotional Stress Release will help align and balance your body’s energy for relaxation and self-empowerment.

These techniques will leave you feeling emotional harmony and self-empowerment. You’ll have resources at your fingertips to apply in your everyday life. 

Together, we’ll listen to what your body is telling you.

♥ Say goodbye to burn out and stress, and say hello to a healthier you

 ♥ Explore and release your limiting beliefs, and restore your confidence and self-worth

♥ Release emotional blocks and stagnant energies around your body, work and life

♥ Empower you to find inner harmony and guidance in your career and life paths

♥ Increase your productivity and motivation to achieve your long-term goals

♥ Feel revitalised and stay energised

♥ Have more ‘me’ time with less people-pleasing

♥ Learn self-coaching tools to help you stay on your wellness path

 Together, we’ll heal, balance and revitalise your body, mind and spirit.


will help release emotional blocks harmoniously and get your ‘Chi’ back into energetic flow, so you’ll experience harmony in yourself, with your work and in your life.

Hypnotherapy and NLP

will help change your mindset and re-program your learning strategies – helping you be more   productive, experience clarity and have direction in your work and your life.

Time Line Therapy

 will help you with releasing negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt.  Learn how to let go of negative emotions and elevate your well-being.

Want to book a session?

Book your  15-minute complimentary ‘Empower Me’ session, where we’ll uncover what’s blocking you and work out strategies to make your life even better.

90-minute and 60-minute sessions are also available.

♥♥♥ Clients who are sharing their love ♥♥♥

My role calls for looking after my Executives needs day to day; often to the detriment to our own health and wellness needs. Sonia’s Executive Assistant Wellness Program is a fantastic journey, reminding me of the important to ‘fill my own cup of life’ so to say. I would highly recommend Sonia and her program

Adrienne Smith

Sonia has a wonderful way to be able to share and learn techniques and experiences with other females.

Sonya Wells

Sonia brings her own experiences and EFT/Kinesiology learnings to the area of personal growth and development and we are better for it.

Liz Van Vilet

Sonia is a kind and graceful presenter. I am thankful for the tools that she shared with me today and that I can take away and reclaim my empowerment – thank you!

Myra Rivadelo

I loved my session with Sonia, she left me feeling empowered and emotionally free. I love that Sonia understood exactly how I was feeling and showed me tools to freedom. Come and see Sonia if you want to experience the emotional freedom

Elissa Lissano

What a  great coach Sonia is! She left me feeling awesome and awakened. Don’t be afraid of Kinesiology Sonia will guide you through it with her awesome skills.

Casey Campbell

Something I knew was a weight in my life and was holding me back from greater things and Sonia helped me tap into that without knowing, the acknowledgment and tools I feel I have gained and need to learn more about can help me unlock the blockage.

Katie Vaughan

Working with Sonia allowed me to move through and release fears and negative emotions that have been holding me back. Sonia had the ability to create and hold a safe nurturing space that allowed me to heal and push towards creating my goals. I highly recommend her

Athina Bailey

Wow, after my session with Sonia I left feeling on a high, inspired, driven and emotionally lifted. I love that Sonia is so patient and kind through the whole process, Ill be back for another session!

Sonia Gouveia

I have been suffering from anxiety attacks in my sleep on a regular basis and could never work out what was causing them. Sonia allowed me to tap into my subconscious mind by doing these exercises and  brought  up things that I wouldn’t have imagined would still be effecting me to this day. Definitely felt better after my session and haven’t had an anxiety attack since!

Jessica Oke

Want to book a session?

I would feel so honoured to work with you and help you get the results you want to see for your health.

Fill in the below form and I will touch base you with within 24 hours. We’ll have a 15min complimentary Empower Me session, we’ll uncover what’s blocking you and work our strategies to make your life even better.


15 minutes Empower Me Session (5 questions that can change your life) Complimentary

1:1 Coaching Session (90 mins)   – $185.00

1:1 Coaching Session (60 mins)  – $165.00

Bodi Hum – Breakthrough Day  (Emotional Freedom & Change Your Mind-Set Now) $3,800 (4-5 hours)

Customised packages and session can be discussed.

I would love to meet you 🙂

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In this Masterclass series, I’ll share are with you holistic modalities and tips on how to break limiting beliefs, elevate your career or biz, learn to reconigise and embrace loving relationships and how to get your body to optimal health. Join me to let go of the anxiety and experience ‘Inner Harmony, Empowerment and Success’ to be the best version of you.

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